Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 29

I know I am behind with our postings but things have been super busy at work! I have been trying to get everything planned for the second semester so no matter when this little boy decides to come, I'll be ready. I am also preparing for not having much energy or desire to work after winter break. It has been coming along nicely, but I am pooped! However, it is almost winter break and I'll be able to relax and put my feet up!
I have a few close friends who are pregnant and within weeks of our due date. They are all really showing and the most common comment I get is, "Well, you don't look pregnant!" Sometimes it is said with an almost accusatory tone that makes me feel that my reply should include something like, "Just kidding" or "Fooled YOU...I'm not really pregnant!" I used to take offence but now I realize that most people are trying to pay me a compliment is probably going to be easier for me to lose the weight once our son gets here!
Moving on...We are in week 29 which means we are 28 weeks pregnant and well into the third trimester! In week 28 we learned that our little boy is now dreaming. His brain wave activity shows sleep cycles and rapid eye movement. He is also blinking, coughing, sucking and practicing his breathing. Babies born in the 28th week have an excellent prognosis because their lungs have reached the point of maturity. Of course, we need him to stay in a few more months to continue to grow big and strong!
This week our baby is about 17 inches tall and close to three least that is what he is supposed to be. We will get to see him today....(more on that in a moment). His wrinkled skin is smoothing out as more fat is being deposited under the skin. This is helping with body temperature regulation and is an energy source.
Speaking of energy, he is moving a lot. His kicks, jabs and overall movements are getting stronger everyday. He is responding to various stimuli such as movement, sounds, light and food. Specifically, our little boy enjoys the music at church. He is always moving and kicking when the music begins the service every Sunday. (Of course, our church is like a concert!)
Also, this week, his baby teeth buds for his permanent teeth are growing into place. Isn't that amazing?
So, one of our family friends, I think it was Andrea...but now I can't remember...Anyway, one of our family friends said sonograms are like crack and our doctors are like crack dealers. A couple of appointments ago, I relayed this to my doctor and explained that I needed a fix. She thought it was very funny and actually thought it wouldn't hurt for us to have another sonogram. Since our very first sonogram, our little boy has been measuring small. No one seems to think this is cause for any worry and if it were to change the due date, it would only change it by 3 or 4 days. Our last sonogram showed that my placenta was low which is still not cause for concern unless it stays low. Apparently, both of these things are cause for an additional sonogram! YAY!
Matt and I are going for a sonogram and a check up today. We will be sure to update everyone on the progress of our little boy....who is kicking as I type!
Y'all have a great week!

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