Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Matt and I were both off of work starting on Saturday, November 20th. I had been fighting a cold since Thursday, November 18th and needed to just the weekend was pretty uneventful. However, once I started feeling better, we got a lot accomplished. We cleaned out the linen closet and the desk. We cleaned, dusted and vacuumed everything. ...and of course...we finally finished the letters in the nursery.
We decided on velcro and it actually worked out really well. Once it was stuck to the wall, it was stuck but I could still unvelcro it and move it around so it was very forgiving. The plan to apply the letters was very mathematical. I had to measure each wall and add them together. Then I put all of the letters side by side and measured them together. I subtracted the total length of the letters by the length of the walls and then divided by 27 which was the number of spaces between each letter. It worked out pretty well. I did make a couple of mistakes. Take a look at the letters and see if you can find my mistake. :)

Matt's mom and dad arrived on Wednesday morning after driving all night. They had quick naps and we headed out to shop. We shopped, had lunch, shopped, stopped in to see the Larsen's, shopped, had dinner, shopped and came back home.
Thursday was a cold and rainy was perfect to be inside. My parents came over, we ate and watched football. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures of the Thanksgiving table.
We had a lot of food for just six people but it was great!

Matt's mom and I rolled out of the drive way at 3:00 am! We arrived at Kohl's shortly after 3:30 and began to shop! Deb waited in line while I shopped and brought things back. Slowly but surely, I found everything on my list! From Kohl's we headed to Academy and Best Buy where we found and bought everything on our lists! After Best Buy we headed to Fort Worth to meet my parents and Matt and his dad for breakfast at MiMi's. After breakfast we headed to Kirkland's and Bed Bath and Beyond...and then it was nap time!

We spent the rest of our vacation shopping and visiting. Matt's parents left after church on Sunday afternoon. Matt and I were so glad that they got to come spend Thanksgiving with us!

Matt and I took Sunday afternoon to put up our outside Christmas lights. We bought this lovely contraption that you plug all of your lights into and it makes them blink with the beat of the music. It is pretty cool!

Matt and I received a video camera for Christmas from his parents. Let's see if I can figure out how to upload videos and y'all can see our cool Christmas lights! (The volume may be really low because we didn't turn up the volume too loud...and it was super windy.)
Okay...I can't get the video to process. I'll have to look into and try again later!
Have a great week!

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