Thursday, December 16, 2010

Updates on Baby Kleeman

Matt and I had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. We got a sonogram and then spoke to the doctor. Our little boy was not being very cooperative and did not seem interested in getting his picture taken. He was completely curled up with his hands and his feet covering his little face. We got some really good pictures of the top of his head, his spine and his heart. Unfortunately, we didn't get a good profile picture but we got to see his hands for just a moment and a pretty good picture of his feet. He was NOT shy about showing us his penis again. It was definitely the clearest picture we got! I know his daddy is proud. :)
Our little boy should be measuring around 3 pounds but he is around 2.2 pounds. Dr. Bullock says that there is no cause for concern or worry, however, she does want to keep a close eye on him. The bonus is that we get another sonogram at 32 weeks and then another one at 36 weeks! She says that he could just be a small baby and measure in the 6 or 7 pound range when he is born. As long as he is happy and healthy, I am just fine with him being 6 or 7 pounds!
Our due date is still March 9th. As March approaches, she will watch his growth and the fluid levels to make sure all is well. At 36 weeks, if he is not growing like he should be or if the amniotic fluid is decreasing, she will politely ask him to make his way into the world early. I am against this...only because it would royally mess up my maternity leave. I have it all planned out (Don't worry, I have very carefully explained this to our unborn child!) and I am hopeful that he will stay put until his due date.
Everything else is great and on track! Y'all have a super week!


  1. You should explain to him how you want him to come early and that you won't have it any other way. You have to use the reverse psychology. Now that you've carefully explained what you really want, he's going to make sure you know who is in charge...and it's not you...or Matt....or that crazy doctor that keeps trying to take pictures of him while he's obviously sleeping!

  2. That is a very good idea. I'll start that today. Especially since he is a boy...I've got to figure out how to get him to think that staying put was his idea. :)