Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 25

Today, we are 6 months pregnant.
24 weeks down and 16 to go!
We are beginning our 25th week and loving every second of it! Our little boy should be measuring about 9 inches from crown to rump weighing in at about a pound and a half. His soft little skin is finally beginning to turn pink because those small little blood vessels called capillaries are forming under his skin and filling with blood.
Blood vessels will also begin to form in his tiny little lungs this week bringing them one step closer to taking that first breath of fresh air. Although, his lungs are developing they are still far from where they need to be. His lungs must continue to mature so they can send oxygen to the bloodstream and release carbon dioxide when exhaling.
His little nostrils will begin to unplug this week. This will allow him to practice breathing. He will be breathing in amniotic fluid, but still...practice makes perfect!
I can feel him moving and kicking all the time! Although, Matt hasn't been in the right place at the right time...yet...he keeps trying and keeps talking to him.
I'm super busy this week and next week is Thanksgiving so I'll see y'all in a couple of weeks! Happy Holidays!

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