Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Happy 29th Birthday Matt! I was really hoping our son would cooperate and kick a little for his Daddy today but no luck so far! (Matt, I promise, he doesn't hate you!)
Matt got off of work at one yesterday afternoon and took his cute little sports car to get the tint redone on the front two windows. Texas' law states that the tint cannot be lower than 25% and it was down to 11%. Unfortunately, no one would pass the inspection without the proper tint and then we found out that it is a $1,000 fine if we were to get pulled over. So...Matt got the tint redone and got his car inspected.
When Matt got home, he finished putting the dresser together and I cooked (put in the oven) lasagna. We had a very nice and relaxing evening. Hopefully, we will get a chance to start arranging the letters and putting them in place.
Matt finished the dresser! We love it! I think a cute little lamp will go beautifully on top! We will probably put the glider between the dresser and the changing table. The room is filling up quickly!
I cleaned the room a I thought I would take a picture!
It is so exciting to get his room ready!

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