Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 22

Before we got pregnant, I would read blogs written by friends who were pregnant that would describe what was going on in their pregnancy and how the baby was growing. I couldn't wait to start blogging about our pregnancy but alas here I am being super slow. we go!
We are 21 weeks pregnant which means that I am in my 22nd week. Last Wednesday, Matt and I went to the doctor to find out that we are having a healthy and very active baby boy! He waved at us, sucked his thumb and played with his little feet. He is measuring a bit on the skinny side but Dr. Bullock says everything is normal and our due date is still March 9th!
Our boy is measuring right around a pound now and is about 8 inches long. He is developing his sense of touch this week and may even grab onto the umbilical cord. His sense of sight is becoming more developed and he can even perceive light and dark. (Matt really wants to shine a flashlight on my belly so he can see the light...but I'm not exactly sure what that will accomplish!)
He has eyelashes and eyebrows and hair forming on his little head. However, at this stage hair has no pigment to it is all bright white. I hear that the more heartburn you have, the more hair your baby will have. At this point, our baby is going to be very bald! I have had zero heartburn! Thank goodness!
I am feeling great and rarely get sick anymore. Matt and I feel so extremely blessed to be pregnant and to have and healthy baby on the way. There are no words to describe how excited and lucky we feel!
Hoping I would get a chance to blog today, I asked Matt to take a picture of our baby bump. He was in quite a hurry this morning and was not the best photographer. I will see if I can get some better pictures in the future.

21 Weeks

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