Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Filled and Busy!

Matt and I have had a busy past couple of weeks. Last Saturday night we were invited to attend the Ranger's game with our friends Zach and Ashley. We were way up in the nose bleed section but we had a really great time. We actually ended up walking around the stadium and found ourselves a bit closer with some nicer seats. The Rangers hit a home run in the 6th and we got free tacos from taco bueno. Good Times!
Since this game, the Rangers have pushed through and have found themselves on the road to the World Series! YAY!
Matt's mom works for a doctor who has season tickets to the Cowboys. (Did you follow that?) Matt and I have been wanting to go to the new stadium and it just so happened that Dr. Cink was not able to attend the game last Sunday, the 10th. He actually gave four tickets to us and we invited our neighbors, Wayne and Allison! Our seats were magnificent and the VIP treatment was amazing!

View from our seats!

The Cowboy's entrance! We could actually feel the heat from the flames!

America's Sweethearts doing their signature kicks!
The halftime show was about breast cancer awareness. Even the players and referees had bits of pink in their uniforms. Nancy Brinker was there as well! They had two of these pink ribbons and they were being held by breast cancer survivors.

Matt and I....okay...really Matt has been working very hard to finish the deck. He finally finished this past weekend! It is so nice to have it complete and makes a huge difference to our yard.

Here is the side with the grill and the fire pit. We would eventually like to have some chairs to place around the fire pit but as of right now no one has patio furniture for we will see about that!

Another picture....

This is our new patio set. We have been looking all summer and found some stuff that we really liked. Since the deck wasn't finished we thought we would wait until everything went on clearance. We waited too long and everything was sold...except this lovely piece at walmart. We like it and it will get us through for a while.

This is just a pretty picture. You can see that we left two entrances, one on the lower deck and one on the upper deck. We can always close it in if we decide to do so but for now, we really like the open feel.

There is actually one thing left to do on the deck. We want to put something on top of each post to get a more finished look. I think we have decided on one but to me it just looks like a post with something stuck on top. Did y'all want to vote on which one you like? We may try to put something underneath these things but again...we shall see.

Do you like this look?

Or this look?

Y'all have a great week!

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