Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Journey

Matt and I have been talking about buying a new car for a while now. Once we got pregnant we decided we would just trade cars instead of spending the money on a new car. He would take my cute little sports car and I would drive his four door so the car seat would fit in the back. On the way to Iowa his car hit 60,000 miles and was no longer under warranty. I wasn't thrilled about driving a car (the only car that would fit a baby seat) without any warranty but we didn't have many options.
On the way to the Cowboy's game a few weeks ago, Matt's back passenger window decided to stop rolling down. Since it wasn't under warranty, it was going to be over $300 to fix. Matt wasn't wanting me to drive his son around with a broken window so we decided to get back on the new car bandwagon!
We both really like Chargers and used Chargers still have a really good warranty. Matt found one that was a great deal. We did some research and decided to drive up to Rockwall Dodge to take a look at it. While we were there, we looked at a couple other cars and crossovers. We test drove two, the Charger and the Journey. I wasn't sold on the Charger but I immediately fell in love with the Journey. Matt said goodbye to his car and bought me my new mom car! Yes, he is now driving my cute sports car and I get to drive the new car! YAY!
My new mom car! It looks like a minivan, huh? I've accepted it!
The dash lights up green! (Please note that it tells me the temperature outside!)
Okay, so the rear view mirror isn't all that fancy but when you pull down the little compartment above it, there is a little storage thing AND another mirror. Matt says it is so we can look at the kids and I think he is right. It shows a great view of the entire back seat.
Here is the air controls and the radio. It has all the bells and whistle that I could ever dream of...maybe I will figure out how to work it!
AND it has a back up camera!
This is the dash in front of the passenger's seat. You can see there is a compartment there.
Wait for it....
That's right! There is a place to put cans or bottles. The little blue thing you see on the left is an air vent that can be opened to blow cool air on your drinks. That is just crazy!
The back seat! Of course the middle folds up but right now it is holding the wireless headphones for the DVD player!
Under the floorboards on both sides of the back seat open into storage compartments. It is waterproof so it can be used as a cooler! I can't wait to take this car to Iowa! ...and of course the DVD player. Matt already has dibs to sit in the back with the baby and watch movies while I drive us all to Iowa. I will miss the days of sleeping while he drives! This is the back trunk area....
...and of course it opens for more storage!
I am so excited about this car! I love it and I love driving it! It is under warranty for a super long time and it is very safe for our little boy! In addition, Matt's payments were lowered! I know he was sad to see his car go...but I think he is over it by now.

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