Monday, September 27, 2010

Three Busy People

I was so busy last week that I wasn't able to here is a quick update.
Last Friday (9/17): My friend Kathy hosted our monthly Keno party at our house. The theme was jewelry and she made ham, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. It was delicious and a wonderful time...but I didn't win anything. While we were playing keno, Matt bought, hauled and installed sod in our backyard. It was very brown when he put it in but since we have had so much rain, it has really turned a beautiful green!
Sunday (9/19): We had a semi lazy day but were lucky enough to have Wayne, Allison and Emily over for lasagna. I got to hold Emily while her parents ate...she is so adorable.
Tuesday (9/21): We give our students tests called checkpoints. The districts makes these assessments to see how the students are doing. Since it is district wide, we get together with other schools in the district and create the tests to make them equal for everyone. I was lucky enough to be on the checkpoint committee for the fourth year in a row. Fortunately, the lady I was working with had done this before too so we got done by 2 in the afternoon. I stayed for a bit longer to help other grade levels and then I was able to leave early! Which means, I got to go visit with my family in Alvarado, pick up my niece and nephew from preschool and then we all went to dinner....except Matt...he went to the Stars game with Tanner and Landon. Tanner had an extra ticket and invited Matt. This would be equivalent to one of my friends getting a Corn Husker ticket and me going without Matt. They all had a really nice time...even if I was green with envy.
Wednesday (9/22): After school on Wednesday, we had a faculty meeting alerting us that our school district is broke. If the voters to do not vote to bring in TRE, there will be mass lay offs. I am not very excited about this but I am also trying not to worry. It is a shame that people and our government do not understand that it takes funds to run a school district and when we are 6 million dollars in the hole, programs like band, choir, KINDERGARDEN and art classes will be taken out. We will also lose valuable teachers and administrators, our class sizes can increase to 40+ students and then all hell will break loose! So...before you vote, please take a look and see how your school district is doing.
Thursday (9/23): Thursday, I went for my 16 week check up. Matt had to work but my mom was free to go with me. It was a pretty quick and easy appointment. I got to tinkle in a cup, got blood drawn and of course, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! Everything looks good and our next appointment will be October 20th...and if our baby cooperates, we will get to know if he is a he or if she is a she!
Friday (9/24): Matt got free tickets to the drag races in Ennis. He invited his friend Rodney from work. So after work, they headed over to the races until about 8:30. I was kinda bummed that Matt was going to be gone on a Friday night but once I got home, I watched all of my Thursday night shows and was pretty close to being asleep before Matt got home. I also tried a new recipe called Bubble was super yummy!
Saturday (9/25): Happy Birthday Mom! My mom, Dennise, the kids and I woke up early and headed to Dallas for the Half Price Book Warehouse sale. Half Price allows teachers to go to a specific location and get free books every Saturday! (We got most of the books for the wedding from their sales.) We had a lovely time except for the rain!
While we were gone, Matt cleaned the master bathroom. It looks so pretty now. He did a wonderful job.
My friend Mary Lou's Birthday was also Saturday and her husband arranged for a bunch of us to surprise her at the Cheesecake Factory. We left Dallas a bit late and all of the rain made us even more late so my sister dropped me off at the Cheesecake Factory and Matt met me there. We had a lovely time with Mary Lou and all of her friends and family. Matt and I shopped a bit after that and then headed to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday.
Sunday (9/26): Matt and I woke up and headed to church with our friends Zack and Ashley. The Avenue Church is a Baptist church in Waxahachie. I was a bit skeptical going back to attending a Baptist church but everything turned out really well. Matt and I think we may go back. We will see if he actually does.
After church we all went to eat at Ta Molly's. It is so close to the church that we just walked over. (Zack is the manager at Ta Molly's and normally works on Sundays but is lucky enough to be able to walk over for the service from 11 - 12.) After lunch, Matt and I went to Lowe's to shop a bit and then headed home to finish watching the Cowboys.
I made chili (because we had it at my parents and it sounded so the weather has finally cooled a bit and it just felt like chili eatin' weather) and we invited the Boshers to come eat with us. Again, I got to hold Emily while her parent ate.
We have another busy week ahead of us but the weather is supposed to stay in the 70s and 80s this week so, I am really looking forward to a nice cool yet busy week! Y'all have a great week too!

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