Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horned Frogs and Huskers

After Matt and I had our second doctor's appointment and were convinced that the pregnancy was going along well, I finally decided to buy our child his/her first outfit. It is the cutest thing ever so we had to send pictures to everyone...including his family. Here is a picture.
I made sure to get 6-9 months so he/she will be able to wear it just in time for football season!
Of course, this led his parents to start thinking about the Huskers. Yesterday we got a package in the mail. Matt waited all day for me to come home so he could open it! Any guesses on what was inside?
Adorable! Go Huskers! This is a onesie!
I think this is my favorite. There was another one that is white and I'm not sure where the picture went but I'm sure you'll see it on our little Husker fan next year!
Husker Bib Sippy Cups!
This is my favorite! It is a picture frame for the sonogram! It says, "It is truly amazing how someone so small could inspire a love to grand!"
It seems that we are now prepared for next year's football season! Thank You Kleemans! It is a darn good thing that TCU and Nebraska don't play each other anymore. I don't know what we'd do!
Y'all have a super week!

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