Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Matt and I had a wonderful weekend. I had Keno on Friday night while he stayed home and did yard work. (That worked out really well for me!) I actually won three gifts so I came back a winner. We didn't have a theme this month so the gifts are mismatched but I got a $10 QT gift card, $10 Old Navy gift card and a box of cool office supply clip things!
Matt had to work on Saturday morning so he was up and out the door fairly early. I got up and headed to my parent's house with Dennise. I made breakfast burritos and then Dennise made enchiladas for Sunday's lunch. I decided that Sopapilla (sp?) Cheesecake would be in order since it was going to be a Mexican theme for Father's day so I ran up to the store and made two batches (one for Saturday and one for Sunday!) Once everything was prepared for Sunday's lunch to be thrown in the oven, Dennise and I headed out to shop for a few gifts.
I made it home by late afternoon and Matt and I decided to continue shopping and have dinner in Cedar Hill. We ate at a Chinese Buffet that has crab and sushi! It was fairly late by the time we got home but Wayne and Allison decided to come over and watch a movie. We watched Death Race which is one of our favorites! I think Allie and I ended up falling asleep-we are party animals!
Matt and I slept in on Sunday morning and slowly got ready to head to my parents' around 11:00. Since everything was already prepared and just needed to be heated in the oven, it was a nice and relaxing morning. Dennise, Mike and the kids arrived around 12:15 and we ate lunch, opened presents, had sopapilla cheesecake and relaxed for a bit. Matt and I got home in mid afternoon, Matt had a nap and then we ventured out to Walmart to get a few things for dinner. Wayne and Allison came over around 6 and we had Matt's lasagna-noodle-vodka sauce-yummy creation with cheesey garlic bread. Allie made this frozen, fresh strawberry, vanilla cookie, vanilla pudding, oreo crusted pie type thing. It was so good! While we were waiting for the dessert to thaw a bit we decided to get Allie's expertise to help us rearrange our living room. We decided to take the love seat and the black chair and turn them at an angel. I'll try to get a couple of pictures up soon so y'all can see. Matt and I are also thinking about rearranging the office and the spare room, getting rid stuff we don't use and de-cluttering! Some sort of garage sale may be in order.
I don't know Matt's official schedule this week but I know he is off on Saturday! YEA! I think he has a meeting on Tuesday so we wont have softball practice this week but we will have a game! I'll keep everyone posted!
I hope everyone has a great week! Have a great day...or not. The choice is yours!

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