Thursday, June 17, 2010

Decorating and My Ring....

Matt and I have had a great summer so far! This past Friday my mom and I picked up my ring in Ft. Worth and then spent the day shopping after I got out of summer school. My dad and Matt met us in Burleson for BBQ at Roscoe's. They have wonderful margarita's there and Matt even tried their Beerita. YUM!

That's right, it is a Corona turned upside down in a margarita! YUM!

Matt didn't have to work so we spent Saturday shopping in Arlington and just relaxing. We made homemade nachos with our neighbors, Wayne and Allison. While Allison and I cooked, Wayne and Matt put up pictures and sconces in our bedroom! Then we watched Avatar. Matt and I had not seen it and we both really liked it!
It says, "May our home know happiness, each room hold laughter and every window open to possibilities."

We like these sconces but I think we will look for candles that are a different color.

The light makes it really hard to take a picture.

Sunday we spend the day relaxing, grocery shopping, swimming and then had Sunday night dinner with Wayne and Allison. We think we may try to make a tradition out of Sunday night dinner with the neighbors!

We had another softball practice this past Tuesday. It is really hot but softball has been really fun. We have another softball game tonight in Waxahachie at 7! I will be sure to take pictures!
So the week before school let out we had a 'fun day' at school. I was preparing for our fun day by moving coolers that were full of ice and drinks. As I was moving one cooler out of the concession stand I bumped my left hand on the side of the door jam. As always, I checked my engagement ring and it was not good. The diamond was pushed all the way down to the band and one prong was completely bent outward. I freaked out and immediately called Matt. After putting my ring in a zip lock bag, the diamond fell out. At least I didn't lose the diamond.
After searching for a place to get it fixed, we decided on Kube's Jewelry. We know the Kube's family from high school as well as a positive force in the Ft. Worth Police Department. Since the prong was bent and the diamond was set so high, they did not feel comfortable just fixing it unless they could set it closer to the band. They actually would rather put a 6 prong head on it instead of a 4 prong head. I'm against that for now. Anyway, they had it for a few days and Mom and I went to pick it up last Friday. Having the diamond set so low has been an adjustment but I am liking it. I think it makes the diamond look bigger!
From the top!
From the side...
From the top...again....
...and the side....
Well, I will be sure to update everyone on our game tonight! Y'all come on out and support us!

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