Monday, April 12, 2010

Our New Hobby

Matt and I had a great weekend. I met him in Waxahachie on Friday night and we met Brittney and Victor for dinner at Corino's. We had a lovely time visiting and catching up. Of course, since we were in Waxahachie, we visited Lowe's before we drove back home. I got some miracle grow and some bug spray for my garden!
Matt had to work on Saturday morning but when he got home we went next door for Sophie's 5th birthday. We could only stay for a bit until we had to get ready for Jean and Steve's 50th wedding anniversary. We met my parents in Burleson and drove into Ft. Worth together. It was an awesome experience. I mean, the valet parking alone was pretty fancy! We ate an expensive yet super yummy dinner and celebrated with friends. We were home by 10 and in bed shortly after that. Yes, we are party animals!
Dennise and I went to Sam's to shop on Sunday morning. Matt stayed behind and cleaned like a crazy person. I told him not to but he did it anyway. It was really nice to come home to a clean house. When I got home we decided to dig out around the tree in the front yard to put in a flowerbed. All of our neighbors were out fixing up their yards too! It is so nice to live in such a friendly neighborhood. Our neighbors across the street, Wayne and Allison, are very knowledgeable on gardening so we took them to help us buy flowers. After fixing up our new flowerbed (Thanks Allison!) they invited us over for dinner (Thanks again Allison!). After dinner the four of us took a walk around the neighborhood. We all enjoy walking into the new houses as they are being built!
I don't think we have a lot planned for this week. Matt is finally off this Saturday and is hoping to get some crown molding put up in the kitchen. We shall see!
Our new flowers around the tree!
Another front flowerbed picture!
My garden is starting to sprout! These are the spinach seeds that I planted last Monday! YEA for miracle grow!
You can also see the broccoli start to sprout on the left side! Yea!
I thought y'all might like to see my strawberry again! It is so cute! The little white dot up and to the left of my strawberry is another strawberry starting to bloom! YEA!!!

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