Friday, April 9, 2010

The House

Matt and I have been working in the yard a lot. Last night Matt finally hung our big star in our front walkway. We both love it!
This is our front yard. Matt spent most of Thursday pulling weeds and then he sprayed for weeds. He has fertilized and now it is slowly getting green! (You can't really see my flowers.)
You can barely see the star hanging.
Allison and I were playing with the gnomes last night. I thought this was a super cute picture. We went to look at the garden last night and I have a strawberry! It is so cute! None of my other vegetables are doing very well, they don't look very perky but we shall see!
Matt and I have a very busy weekend. Tonight we are going to dinner with Brictor. Brittney and Victor lived above Matt when he was in the apartment. We always mess up their names and end up morphing them together so we just combined them! We haven't seen them in a while so we are super excited about seeing them!
Matt has to work tomorrow until 2 so I'll be going to Sophie's birthday by myself. Sophie is the little girl that lives next door. In the evening we are going downtown to the Riata for Jean and Steve's 50th wedding anniversary party! Jean and Steve lived on the street where I grew up. We moved to Everest Drive when I was just a few months old. My parents have kept in touch with many people from Everest Drive and we are looking forward to celebrating with them!
As of right now we do not have plans for Sunday. However, I am going to try to convince Matt to go with me to see the old Cowboys stadium be imploded! We will probably just watch it on TV.
Y'all have a great weekend!

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