Monday, April 19, 2010

Spot Lights and More

Matt and I had a great weekend. Matt came straight home from work on Friday night to meet our neighbors (Wayne and Allison) so they could drop off Murphy. Wayne and Allison are spending the week in Florida so we are watching their basset hound, Murphy. He is a handful but super cute. I got to go to Benbrook and play keno with my monthly keno group. I got home around 11 and Matt and I went straight to bed. ...because we are party animals....
Saturday morning Murphy woke us up around 8:00. Matt made me breakfast and then the TV repair man came out. Matt's big flat screen TV started to get little white dots about a month ago. Matt was really excited because he thought this meant he would get to shop and buy and new TV. WRONG! I told him to find a way to fix it for free or we would just use it until it went out and use another TV that we had in the house. He actually found a way for it to be fixed...for free. It turns out that there was a defect in this particular TV! The company came out to fix it a couple weeks ago but the part to be replaced was also defective. This time, everything went well and our TV is as good as new.
Shortly after the repair man left, we got ready and headed to Waxahachie. We visited Lowe's, Olive Garden, Home Depot, AT&T and the Dry Cleaners. Matt finally got his iPhone and I got my case replaced (for free). Matt's dry cleaners lost 5 of his shirts so there was some drama there. Later that night, the owner called to let us know that all 5 were in the back soaking. We haven't picked them up yet, so hopefully they are okay.
I convinced Matt to drive through Maypearl to Grandview to visit Antique Alley. Antique Alley is a stretch of road that starts in Maypearl and goes through Cleburne where people set up booths and garage sales. I could tell Matt was not very excited about it but as soon as he started bargaining for stuff, I could tell he was sold. Unfortunately, it was very rainy so there was not as much activity as normal, but it was still pretty fun. We bought this cute concrete horned frog that is painted purple. I'll have to post pictures so y'all can see!
Since we ended up in Cleburne, we stopped by my parents' house in Joshua. Matt and I are working on plans to build a deck so it was nice to chat with my dad about it. We drew lots of pictures and at one point my dad got out toy blocks to model! We grilled steaks and had a nice visit. Matt and I got home early and tried to watch a movie but ended up falling asleep. ...because we are party animals....
Murphy woke us up before 8 on Sunday morning too. I was up, ate breakfast, took an hour nap and showered BEFORE noon! It was so nice to feel like it was late afternoon but still have the entire day ahead of us. We headed to Waxahachie again so Matt could get his hair cut. We ate at Ta Mollie's and then browsed at Lowe's before Matt's hair appointment. We found some spot lights that were on clearance and then the manager marked them down even further so we picked them up! After Matt got his hair chopped, We stopped at the Walmart in Midlothian to look at a patio set that we really like. Walmart is having a deal that if you buy certain items you get a $50 gift card and our patio set is included. We still have a lot to think about so we didn't buy it yet...but we shall see.
As the sun set, the rain slowed and Matt and I decided to put up our new spot lights. It was pretty easy! Here are some pictures!
Y'all have a great week! The TAKS test is next week so everyone cross your fingers! I have promised my kids that if 90% of them pass, I will let them shave my head into a mohawk! I can't wait!

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