Monday, February 22, 2010

Updates and News

Well...Happy 2010 Everyone! I know it has been months since I last wrote but Matt and I have been so busy. When we finally find the time to sit and relax, I never have my computer or an internet connection.
Christmas-Matt and I had a wonderful Christmas this year. We spent the day at my sister's house with my side of the family.
New Year-We had our neighbors over to celebrate. It was so nice just to stay home and be able to crawl right into bed when the night was over.
6th Month Anniversary-Matt and I celebrated 6 months on February 1st. He brought be roses and we had a nice quiet dinner at Jimmy's....It is our favorite place!
Snow-I know it may not be that big of a deal to all you folks up north but I've never experienced snow like that. An entire foot of real snow...not ice like we normally get but nice, white, fluffy snow! It began snowing Thursday, February 11th and didn't stop until the morning on Friday, February 12th. Thursday, Matt was sent home early to avoid bad roads so we got home around the same time. They called school later than I was in for a four day weekend since Monday was a holiday anyway! We had a pretty good time playing in the snow and relaxing together.

My first real snowman. Growing up, I normally made very small, icy-men.

Matt got out Friday morning because Wells Fargo is stupid and demands that their employees come to work in horrible weather....he got stuck and couldn't get up the driveway! I shoveled the driveway. I've never shoveled a driveway before. It was pretty fun... I shoveled the street and made a snow mountain!

When Matt came home Friday night there were two teenage boys who were making a snowman in our yard. Matt told them to make it a they did! About 30 minutes later the boys were back fixing the girl parts and taking pictures. Not too long after they left, our snowwoman fell forward. I guess she was just too top heavy!
Bye Bye Snow....
Valentine's Day-The snow was pretty much gone by Valentine's Day. Matt and I spent the day shopping and just hanging out together.
Other News-There is no other news. We are just enjoying each other. I'll try to post more often but the TAKS test is in a few months and things are crazy busy!
Matt's new hat! Matt and I went to Jimmy's last night for dinner. When it is busy, it can be kinda slow. So we played tick tack toe on some napkins, with a bit of hangman...and then we started building towers. Good Times...Good Memories!

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