Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Time

Matt and I had a very busy weekend. I took off on Friday to relax and begin painting. We picked out a couple colors and have had swatches on the wall for a couple of weeks now. The main area which includes the entry way, front hallway, back hallway and living area are all St. Frances Fawn Hotel which is a dark sandy color. The breakfast area and the kitchen is dark toast.
I painted all of the trim so when Matt got home he could just roll the walls.
I kinda like this style of just outlining. :)
Isn't he cute!
By the time we got finished it was pretty clear that we were going to have to do a second coat. However, after painting all day, I was ready for bed. So we decided to finish in the morning. The second coat only took us about 40 minutes to do so we decided to continue on to the back breakfast area wall and the kitchen. It was a big job but totally worth it.
You can kind of tell the difference in color here but really is isn't that noticeable.
All pretty and put back together.
After spending the day painting, we got ready to go to Tanner's birthday party. We met at Tanner and Kimberly's around 6:30 and headed to Mercardo Juarez. Tanner got to wear this pretty hat while a bunch of men beat spoons in plastic cups and sang. It was good times.
After dinner we went back to the Larsen's and played rockband, watched some fight and hung out. It was so nice to just relax with friends.
Sunday we had my parents, my sister and her family, Amanda and Marshall and Ashley come over. We had chimichangas, decorated gingerbread cookies and went to go see Santa. Our neighborhood association had a big party down by the pool. There was a band, a cake walk, free hot chocolate, coffee and tea...and of course Santa was there.
I have pure talent! I may be able to decorate a snow covered train but I don't know how to turn the picture right side admire it upside down. :) Another pretty train!
This is my snowman. The red icing got a bit out of control so the mouth isn't so pretty....but it is YUMMY!
The butter cream icing tastes the best. ....look how I have mastered the red icing!
This is Matt's lovely creation. There are no more words.
I call this my shag gingerbread man. If you have seen the movie Shag, you may remember a character wearing a cute little yellow tube top with some sort of capris. So cute!
This is my dad's Christmas tree! Excellent job Dad!
I made a clown for Matt because he wanted a lot of icing. Again, I don't know how to turn the picture right side up. Oh well!
Audra was more interested in sucking the icing off of the cookie. ...and eating sprinkles.
Matt at the play ground! We both enjoyed going down the slides. There were a lot of kids that got in our way!
You can't see it in this picture but the bars that Matt was walking on were bending and shaking a lot. It was a bit scary.
So cute.
Isaiah walked right up to Santa, sat on his lap and said "Hi!" He was adorable.
Once Isaiah was finally brave enough to slide down the slide it was pretty difficult getting to stop.
We went on the cake walk a few times but didn't win anything. Our neighbors across the street won three cakes. NOT FAIR!
Overall, we had a busy but great weekend. I only have 5 days of work and then I'll be off for two weeks. Matt can't stand it and has actually made a bit of noise about maybe, possibly, looking into a teaching career. Ha Ha Ha He is going to come to the dark side!

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