Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Early Christmas To Us!

For the last few days, Matt's parents have been asking us if we have received anything in the mail. Apparently, our Christmas present has been on the way. We checked the mailbox on Saturday and were super disappointed not to find anything. Yesterday, I was kind of excited driving home because I thought we would be getting something in the mail. I love presents and I love surprises even more.
Matt and I arrived home at the exact same time and I told him to hurry and check the mail. As he rounded the corner to turn the Christmas lights on, he noticed that our patio furniture was moved to the porch. The delivery man moved our big cooler and a patio chair to hide and cover a package that was way too big to fit in the mailbox. I ran through the house and turned on the porch light so Matt could bring our package in the house. That is when we noticed that it was a brand new 26" HDTV! We both checked the box to see if it was really a tv or if they just used the box for packing. It was really a tv.
We are both super excited. Matt couldn't wait to hook it up. Here is a picture of our new tv and our christmas tree.
Joe and Deb, Thank you so much for our wonderful Christmas present! I am pretty sure Matt is redecorating the bedroom so we can hang the tv on the wall.
Here is our cute little tree.
Can you tell that we have a middle section of lights out? HA HA HA!

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  1. What an awesome gift!!!! Let Tanner know if you want help hanging it - he and Matt did a great job hanging the one in our bedroom.