Monday, November 30, 2009


It has been a very busy week but I think I finally have a moment to write about our first married Thanksgiving.
My last day of school was Friday, November 20th. I had Keno with my friends in Ft. Worth and Matt and Tanner went to see the Mavs play in Dallas. We both got home pretty late but Matt was the one that had to get up early and go to work Saturday. ha ha ha
Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal days but Monday I got to sleep in while Matt had to go to work. Maybe he will realize the error of his ways and come join the dark side (teaching)! Audra had her check up (with shots) in the afternoon so I went with Dennise to help out. Dennise, Isaiah, Audra and I ended up spending the day together. We went shopping at Toys R Us and The Parks Mall in Arlington and then met my parents for dinner at Chili's.
Tuesday I got up early with Matt and my mom, Dennise, Amanda and Ashley came over to watch Jeopardy. (I've been dvr-ing them for my mom since August.) We watched about 30 episodes, ate chili and cookies (thanks Ashley!) and visited. Matt got home around 6 and Amanda, Marshall, Matt and I went to eat at Jimmy's.
Wednesday I got up fairly early and went to my parent's house. We went Thanksgiving Day Dinner shopping and hung around. Matt came over after he got off work and I made chinese food. We spent the night so we could get up and watch the parades at my parent's house.
Thursday was a great day! Matt and I got up early and made a big breakfast burrito breakfast for my parents. We watched the parades and went through the ads. Matt's headphones broke so we ventured out to Walmart to replace them....yes on Thanksgiving. We were back by 3ish to watch The 'Boys play. Dennise, Mike and the kids joined us in the afternoon and we finally sat down to Thanksgiving Dinner. It was super yummy. By the time the kitchen was clean, I had a plan of attack for Friday morning with a list of everything I was interested in purchasing. Matt left since he had to work Friday morning. :(
Friday morning Mom, Dennise and I left the house by 4:40 am. We arrived at Target in Burleson shortly before the store opened. Unfortunately, about 2,000 people beat us and we had to wait for everyone to enter the building before it was our turn. Thankfully, as I rushed through the store I happened upon the end of the line (which was way back in the far corner of the store by sporting goods.) I stood in line and waited for my mom and Dennise to join me. While they waited in line, I ran around the store looking for the deals that I wanted. I ended up getting everything I was looking for and more and we were out of Target by 6:30.
After Target, we went to Kohl's, Academy, Lowe's, Sears, Kirklands, Half Price Books, Barnes and Noble, and some more places. By the end of the day, I had all of my Christmas shopping done minus my mom. We couldn't buy for her since she was with us. We all decided to stay another night at Mom and Dad's since we were going to the TCU game Saturday. By the time Matt joined us after he got off work, I had most of the Christmas presents wrapped. Yea!
Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the game. TCU beat New Mexico 51 to 10. They won the Mountain West Conference! Go Frogs! After the game, Matt and I went out searching for Christmas decorations. He is very particular about the type of lights allowed on the house. We found exactly what he wanted at Walgreens and spent Sunday decorating.
It has been a super busy week but Matt and I are having a great time. I have been joining him at the gym and we've been taking Lucy on walks. Our neighborhood is very festive. It seems like almost every house is decorated. We don't have much planned for the weekend. Saturday evening Nebraska is playing Texas and we are joining some family friends for a Holiday meal in Ft. Worth. I am a true native Texans but I am NOT a longhorns GO HUSKERS! (BUT could we find a better mascot? - How scary are corn huskers? I least the horned frog looks scary!)
I have some pictures to post but I keep leaving my camera at we shall wait. :)

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