Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Matt's Birthday and Other Stuff

Matt and I had a great weekend. Friday night we rented the second Transformers. It was a really good movie. I could have done without about 15 minutes of shoot 'em action but Matt loved it. It is a good combination of action, a love story and comedy. Maybe we'll end up buying the set.
Saturday we woke up early (Again, Matt can't sleep past 8 very often!) and did some errands. We bummed around the house before heading to my parents' to celebrate Matt and Ashley's birthday. My sister and her family had spent the night at my parents' on Friday night so everyone was there when we arrived. Our friends Amanda and Ashley were also there to celebrate. Matt and my Dad stayed busy watching the Nebraska game (Go Huskers!) and visiting with everyone.
We had steak, broccoli and cheese, mac and cheese, potatoes, cheesy bread, and corn for dinner. It was very cheesy and starchy. Matt requested his groom's cake (pineapple angel food cake type thing) and then a chocolate mayonnaise cake for Ashley. It was super yummy. After dinner we had presents. Ashley got an apron and pot holder set that it totally her. Matt got an air compressor with a nail gun.
After presents we put the Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Cowboys game on mute and the TCU vs. Utah on the radio. Sadly, Tech lost. However, TCU kicked some butt! Go Frogs! We didn't get to go to the TCU game because it was sold out. :(
Sunday was a very relaxing day. I started laundry and then went to get a pedicure with Dennise. By the time I got home, Matt had done numerous loads of laundry and was ready to go grocery shopping. We spent way too much money but hopefully we will have groceries for the next month. Our goal is to stop going out to eat so much and cook at home. After grocery shopping we watched the Cowboys until Matt got angry enough to change the channel. It was a very nice and relaxing day.
Monday was back to work for both of us. My best friend, Kimberly, and I haven't see each other in a while so we met in Mansfield to have dinner. It was so nice to catch up. Matt and I were both home around 7. He made a quick dinner and then we went for a walk with Lucy.
All is well in our world. He is off on Tuesday and we plan to drive into Waxahachie in the evening to get our hair done. He also has a short meeting at the bank. (Maybe he'll take me out to dinner after!) Thursday evening I have three basketball games starting at 5 for cheer. Friday morning I have cheer practice at 6:15. Friday evening I have Keno! Then I am off all week for Thanksgiving! There is a high possibility we will try to paint the living room/kitchen area....but maybe I'll just get to sit, relax and read the entire week.

Ashley in her apron and oven mits!

Matt beginning his scavenger hunt! Yes, I made him go on a scavenger hunt.

Matt being cute!

Matt finding his present!

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