Thursday, November 12, 2009

Matt's 28th Birthday and Other Stuff

Matt and I both caught a bit of a cold last week but are both feeling much better. Since Matt didn't have the flu, I decided going out of town would be just fine. Thursday morning (the 5th) Jamie (my clinical teacher) and I headed south to Galveston for CAST. CAST is the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching. We spent a lot of time in workshops and the expo collecting tons of information and ideas. We also got to spend some time at the beach. The water was a bit chilly but it wasn't horrible. Our hotel had a heated pool where you could swim right up to the bar. It had a hot tub, water fall and a slide. The slide was not heated by any means but it was still pretty fun sliding down!
We headed back home Saturday morning in time to squeeze in a nap before Matt and Ashley's birthday celebration. Matt had to work Saturday morning so we both napped a bit and then headed to the Chinese Buffet in Cedar Hill. Dennise, Mike, Isaiah, Audra and Ashley met us. The food was great. I think Matt and I mostly filled up on sushi rolls. We said good bye to Dennise and her family and headed to the Oasis.
The Oasis sits right on Joe Pool Lake. Since it was chilly we opted to sit inside. It may have had something to do with Nebraska playing too. (Go Huskers) Kimberly, Tanner, Brittney and Victor showed up shortly after us. We had a lovely time until a man accidentally backed his suburban a bit too far into the water when loading his boat. His trailer and suburban both went under with him. He got out and began swimming toward shore when he realized he could stand. He stood up, lost consciousness and went under. A couple of bystanders pulled him out and began CPR. The paramedics came and continued CPR but they never got a response. From the news stories we have found that he was 77 and was out on the lake with his family. He was pronounced dead at the hospital around 9:30. It was a horrible experience for all of us.
After the Oasis, Matt, Brittney, Victor and I all headed to the Larsen's for a bit. They had the fire pit going and we sat around and chatted. Overall, I think it was a pretty good least it was interesting.
Sunday was a very lazy day. I spent the day catching up on TV shows and reading. Matt cleaned and organized stuff (ocd). We both napped.
Monday was a pretty normal day. I met Matt is Waxahachie and had dinner at Corninos for his birthday. I took him out to Corinos last year on his birthday and we thought it might be a nice tradition to start. Monday nights are family nights so you get the family platter for the price of an individual platter. YUM! (he let me take the leftovers for lunch...I'm so lucky)
Tuesday was Matt's birthday so after work I took him to Jimmy's Pasta and Subs (the place where we had our rehearsal dinner) and then we went to see Saw VI in Waxahachie. I also took Wednesday off since Matt was off for Veteran's Day. We slept in and relaxed. Matt mowed the yard and I read my book. We had lunch at subway and met his friend Trey at starbucks. I made chinese for dinner and we lounged around and watched Ghost Hunters. It was so nice just to have time to ourselves.
The Hughes Cheerleaders cheer for basketball too so I get to stay late for a games on Thursdays until February. Matt will close Thursday and Friday but he doesn't have to work this Saturday! Our plans were to attend the TCU game but it has sold out so Dennise doesn't have to count ticket money and we don't have seats. Instead we are going to Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Matt's birthday and Ashley's birthday. Matt has chosen a menu of steak, a potato product, broccoli and cheese, cheesy bread and the cake my mom made for the groom's cake.
I can't wait blog about all of Matt's gifts he receives! Y'all have a great rest of the week!

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