Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween (Part Two of Many)

Matt and I had a wonderful Halloween! Friday night we met my friend Jamie and her boyfriend in Burleson for dinner and a movie. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse and then went to see Couple's Retreat! It was a pretty good movie but we were very tired.

On Saturday we woke up fairly early because Matt is apparently not capable of sleeping past 8:00 am. He went to get my oil changed and my tires rotated while I caught up on some shows. :) hee hee We didn't have much time to decorate for Halloween before we needed to leave for the TCU game.

It was TCU's homecoming. We beat the snot out of UNLV. I think the final score was 41 to 0. We rushed home to finish decorating and to meet Isaiah and Audra for trick or treating! Here is Audra as Yoda. Isaiah was Wilbur the big but would not let me take his picture. I'm sure Dennise will have some posted soon.
Matt and I were exhausted by the end of the night. We were hoping to go to a costume party at Victor and Brittney's but we both fell asleep in our clothes around 10:00. (Matt was going to wear a wedding dress and I was going to wear one of his would have been super cute!)
Sunday morning we got up early and had lunch with Tanner and Kimberly (Matt's cousin and his wife). We got home and immediately put the Halloween decorations away. It is nice to have the spare room back to normal. Here is a picture. Please note that we still have wedding stuff on the right side of the bed and Matt decided that the left side of the bed was a perfect place to store some extra glasses we have. Really? For being so neat and tidy...really?

Matt also thought it was time to hang the stars in the living room. I didn't think they would go where we wanted to put them but I think they look nice. Did y'all want to vote? Does it look strange or does it work?

I actually started writing this on Sunday but time just gets away from me. It is now Tuesday and Matt has left work early with a fever and a stuffy nose. I ordered him to go to the doctor but who knows if he actually will or not. I have a football game that will last all night (seriously, I should have just brought my pjs) so I wont be home to take care of him until super late. I am also scheduled to go to Galveston for a science conference Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday but we shall see how Matt feels. Matt works on Saturday and then we are supposed to celebrate his birthday on Saturday night. Again, we shall see how he feels.

I will try to update y'all more often on what we are doing and how things are going!

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