Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween - One of Many

As many of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Dennise and I started decorating many years ago and actually got pretty good. We would build men out of 2 X 4s, pipes, newspaper and stuffing. The more kids who were too scared to walk up our sidewalk, the better! As we moved away from our parents and made our own lives, things have died down a bit. We still decorate but it isn't nearly what we used to do.
This year, I volunteered to have Keno at my house in October. (I play Keno with some friends from work and every month we get together to play.) I figured this was an excellent time to start decorating again. Dennise came over with the babies to help and we ended up having a great time. Isaiah and Audra loved to look through all of our blood and guts. There is a plastic gooey skull with rats, bugs and blood that pop out of the eye holes when squeezed. Audra thought this was very funny which is pretty neat since Isaiah thought it was equally funny when he was her age.
We currently have a man in a coffin in the living room. He has a mouse coming out of his eye and some spiders in his hair. There is a man in the bathtub with a knife. There is a nice head on a platter on the coffee table. There are skulls and other fun stuff around the house as well.
I had a cheer meeting on Friday night so by the time I got home at 8, Matt was across the street with our neighbors, Wayne and Allison. They were carving pumpkins without me! We sat across the street for a while and I ended up carving a pumpkin. It was kind of addicting so we invited some friends over on Saturday to carve some more pumpkins.
Matt's old neighbors from the apartment, Brittney and Victor, came over. Amanda and Marshall came over and then Wayne and Allison ended up joining us. Here are some pictures of our lovely pumpkins and our house all decorated!
Marshall, Brittney, Matt, Victor
Amanda gettin' dirty!

Wayne's pumpkins! Excellent work!

My scary pumpkin!

Allison's witch!

Amanda's masterpiece. She just carved without making dots. She is talented!

Marshall free handed his pumpkin. Pretty impressive. The back is actually a butt. I should take a picture!

Allison's work of art on the left and mine on the right. I love mine!

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