Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flowers and Other Stuff

Hobby Lobby is my new favorite place. While shopping last week, my mom and I noticed that anything wedding and all flowers were 50% off! We ended up finishing most of the shopping for the wedding. We are lacking cups and the fresh veggies for the taco bar but practically everything else is DONE!
So, looking at the fake flowers at Hobby Lobby, I made a quick decision to do fake flowers for the wedding. They were exactly what I wanted (color and style), they were way inexpensive, I could get them done now and not have to wait for the week of the wedding and it was one more thing I could mark off of my very long list of things to do!
Here are some pictures of the bouquets!
This is my bouquet. I love calla lillies and this is exactly what I wanted.
These are the bouquets for the bridesmaids. We bought the flowers and wrapped them up!
These are the boutonnieres. Matt's is the calla lilly in the front to match my bouquet.
Mom and I bought the baskets and wrapped them and added some color. I burnt my finger bad enough to get a big ole blister. Hot Glue is HOT!
These are the ring bearer pillows. Mom and I sewed them from scratch. We are crafty!
I will be working on the program this week along with the wedding week, wedding day, photography and wedding ceremony agendas. Less than six weeks! I can't wait!

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