Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Honeymoon!!

Matt and I orignally thought a cruise would be a perfect honeymoon. We were searching for a vacation where we could relax with no worries. We searched all around for various, all inclusive packages and settled on a cruise. Unfortunately...or maybe fortunately, I am marrying someone who hates to spend money. Matt found out that if we were to leave a few weeks later we would save hundreds of dollars. He just couldn't justify spending that much money when we could save so much weeks later. Plus, the add-ons kept piling up until the cruise was no longer the best deal so we went back to square one.
Kimberly put us in touch with her travel agent and Matt started brainstorming with him. It wasn't long before Matt had Vegas stuck in his mind. Neither of us have been to Vegas before and we both think it will be super fun. My lovely finance started talking with the Waxahachie travel agent and started playing the two agents against each other. Now have a wonderful honeymoon...for a VERY low price (half of the price of a cruise)! (Good Job Matt!)
We will be leaving the morning of Monday, August 3rd and we will be spending four nights at the Flamingo on the strip and coming back in the evening of Friday, August 7th! Matt has already been busy looking up shows to see and places to go! I, personally, am okay with sitting by the pool with my new hubby! it is free. :)
Only four months to go!

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