Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Food (Part One Billion and Six)

It seems like the food conversation for the reception is never ending! I believe we have decided to go the bbq route. We originally started thinking that someone would have man the table in order to make sure that all of the food was well stocked and warm. However, over spring break, my Mom, Dad, Matt and I went to Sam's Club. We were looking at those big aluminum pans to serve food in and realized it would be just as much money to have three/four serving pans for each table. Therefore, instead of having someone man the buffet table, we would just need a couple of people to bring out the food to be served family style. We are thinking of having brisket, potato salad, baked beans and rolls. Do y'all have an opinion?
As for the drinks, we figured we would have a self serve area for iced tea and water in at least two of the four corners of the room. I'm not sure how to serve the tea and water. They may just have to be in pitchers unless I can find some handy-dandy containers like what restaurants use to serve tea. Then of course the bar which will have cokes (soda pops for those of you up north) and adult beverages. Again, do y'all have an opinion?

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