Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Hiatus

Many of you have been asking me why I haven't posted this week. I keep meaning to post about things that Matt and I are discussing but nothing is set in stone yet so I keep postponing. We are still looking at the food for the reception and the rehearsal dinner plans. We are also concentrating very heavily on our honeymoon plans!
I was originally going to try to post everyday but things are going so well that there isn't much left to plan. (ha ha ha) Really, I don't want my entire life to become consumed by wedding plans so I'm taking a lot of breaks. We still have 6 months to plan, I have spring break and the majority of the summer to do a lot of the leg work. AND . . . My students still need a teacher...Geeze...they are so needy!
Thanks for being interested enough to check back! I'll be posting again next week!

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