Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Food

I am having a dilemma. Maybe y'all can help! As I have mentioned before, the top three things that Matt and I want at our reception are food, alcohol and music. We have the alcohol and music covered but we still do not know about food.
We originally wanted to feed everyone dinner. However, I would like August first to be as calm and non-hectic as possible. If we do have a hot meal, I will have to appoint someone to be in charge of making sure the food is out, warm and constantly replenished. In my mind, if we have some sort of appetizers, they can just sit out and people can munch as they wish. Matt and I talked about having a meat and cheese tray with a variety of breads and dips. That way, those who just need a snack can snack and those who need a meal can make a sandwich.
Here is the problem. We have spent so much time and effort on making this day elegant and now we are just going to put out sandwiches? I'm not 100% okay with that. Any ideas?

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