Monday, January 5, 2009

The Dress

Dennise and I went out wedding dress shopping on Tuesday, December 30th. We figured trying on some dresses at David's Bridal would help me start to pinpoint what exactly I wanted to wear on my wedding day. There isn't much that is a must-have at my wedding but a dress is at the top of the list! I knew I wanted a pick-up skirt...I call it bunched. We started by picking through the rows of dresses and I tried on many that I liked and many that I didn't. Dennise gave me one that I wasn't really interested in but I tired it on anyway. As soon as I walked out and saw it in the mirror, I fell in love with it! It is a size too small but it was only $199.99 and is discontinued. However, I think that we are going to pull the zipper out anyway and put in a corset that can be laced and tied with a lapis ribbon that will flow down the back.

This is me in the dress.

This is not. :)

It is a taffeta, a-line, with beaded bodice and pick-up skirt!

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  1. A beautiful dress for a beautiful bride!