Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Bridal Party

It didn't take Matt and me long to decide who we wanted to stand up for us on our wedding day.

Matt's Side

Bestman-Tanner Larsen (Cousin)

Bestman-Andy Kleeman (Brother)

Groomsman-Jeremy Thiessen (Brother-in-law)

Groomsman-Kyle Anderson (Friend)

Dianna's Side

Matron Of Honor - Dennise Warren (Sister)

Maid of Honor-Kimberly Collard (Bestfriend)

Bridesmaid-Jennifer Thiessen (Soon to be Sister-in-law)

Bridesmaid-Kimberly Larsen (Friend-Reason Matt and I met)

We are not sure what everyone will wear but we will keep you updated!


  1. Yea! I'm so glad that Deb told me about this blog site! How fun! It's going to be a blast following along with you on your wedding plans - since we can't be there in person. I've already put in for vacation - would not miss it for anything in the world! Matt is so very special to me and i'm sure the gal he's picked out to spend the rest of his life with is going to work her way right into my heart too! Love you guys! Enjoy every minute of it all! Kristi P.S. The ring and gown are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. hi mat and dianna, we are enjoying your reading material and seeing how things are unfolding. dane is so excited to sing. we all really need a get a way this summer and are so glad to spend it with you and your special day. love shawna