Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 23

This week I am really feeling pregnant. The clothes I have been wearing are getting much tighter and I have lost my mind. I cannot remember where I have been or what I have done. Apparently, this is 'baby on the brain' normal but it is making me crazy! (Especially at school!) Thankfully, I am organized enough (and I keep reminder post its everywhere) that only the people really close to me have noticed. :)

This is our 23rd week so I am 22 weeks pregnant or 5 1/2 months! Only 18 more weeks to go! Normally our "What to expect when expecting" app tells us a fruit or vegtable that resembles our child's height and weight. However, this week, they are comparing our baby to a small doll! (Last week was spaghetti squash!) Right now, he is still about 8 inches long and a little more than a pound but in the next four weeks, our little boy's weight will double.

Our son's skin is reddish in color because of the developing blood vessels (remember his skin is still very thin). His skin grows much faster than fat at this point so his skin is hanging from his body right now. He is ready to put on some weight!

I went by Hobby Lobby last night and they had our letters on sale for 40% off! Yay! They had every letter except for Y but I plan to go back tonight to see if their shipment included a Y. Matt and I took off all of the tags, stickers and staples and then I started painting!

All of our letters!

I am painting all of the brown colors first, then I'll do green, organge, blue and then red. They are looking pretty good so far!

We also bought the dresser for the nursery this past week. We still need some shelves to hang on the wall and a small bookshelf for all of his books and then we will be ready!

The dresser! I can't wait to get it!

Y'all have a great week! :)

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