Monday, September 13, 2010

Emily, TCU, The Nursery

Emily is finally here! Our neighbors across the street, Wayne and Allison, had their first child on Thursday evening! Matt and I are so excited that Emily is here. Right now, our baby is due 6 months from Emily's birthday. We are already planning their marriage...well if we have a boy. We are so blessed to have Wayne and Allison (and now Emily) as neighbors and friends. Congratulations y'all, she is perfect!
I wont give any more information on Emily, except that she is beautiful.

Thankfully, Dennise is back at TCU again this year (she thinks this is her 11th year!) to count money for the football ticket sales. That means we get to go to the games for free! Unfortunately, TCU is coming into the 20th century and making all tickets electronic...even the free ones that we get. This doesn't sound bad except that now instead of sitting behind Andy Dalton's family near the 50 yard line, we have to sit with the commoners in the end zone. :( It really wasn't so bad, it was just really hot....and we got a bit of a crick in our neck from trying to watch the game. :) Hey, they are free tickets, we will only complain a little bit every time we go.

TCU 62 Tennessee Tech 7

Go Frogs!

Matt and I used the entire day on Sunday to begin work on the nursery. I just wanted to have it clear and clean so I could paint a little each day. I thought if I could do all of the trim during the week, then Matt could come behind me and roll really fast. However, when Matt and I get an idea in our head, we go for it. So, we painted the entire nursery yesterday and then Matt shampooed the carpets. We are now ready to build furniture. Are we jumping the gun?

It is really difficult to get a picture that actually looks like the color but this is pretty close. We had 60 watt bulbs in the ceiling light but they were too bright so we put 25 watt bulbs in and they were too dim...these are 40 watt and I think they are just right.

It is so clean and tidy, I just wanna hang out in there.

Matt and I also bought a few different types of letters for the alphabet that we would like to use as a border but we cannot decide which one to use. I guess we still have some time. I'll try to take some pictures and post so y'all can help us decide. (I forgot them in my parents' car so once I get them back, I'll post pictures.)
I hope everyone had a super fun weekend and that y'all have a great week!

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