Friday, August 28, 2009


Here are some honeymoon pictures and pictures of my classroom! Wedding pictures will be posted soon! Enjoy!

Our morning started VERY early!

This horned frog was in the Vegas airport!
We were right to the left of Marie's nose....where the light is on!
Our room!
Our room!
The bathroom had a tv in the mirror and surround sound!
Ceasar's Palace from our room!
Balagio fountains from our room!
Volcano Erupting
Volcano erupting.
Break dancing on the street! Yes, we gave them money!
The fountains from the Eiffel Tour.
I can't figure out how to rotate this! grrr!
The tall clown on stilts made this for me at Margaritaville!
Me with Whoopie!
I wanna do this when I grow up!
The Pool!
Matt with Pete Rose! We also saw Usher shopping that day-he is SHORT!
Matt and a view!
Yum! Matt with the wax Rock!
My cute husband in front of our hotel!
Matt being adorable!
Margaritaville's nachos! HUGE!
Gondala Rides! They were way too expensive!
Moving Statues!Aww! Monkey!
So pretty...I'm a pro!
This lady was chosen from the audience to be part of the show! It was her 94th birthday and she was so funny!
All of the Blue Men came out after the show for pictures! They were so nice!
Matt was very excited!
The show was really neat! The band also came out after the show!
The aftermath of the show! It was very messy. There was a pink monkey walking next to us on the way back to the hotel. Matt wanted a picture and this lady jumped in. WTF?
My new clock saying!
My blue vocabulary wall!
Go Huskies!

This is my new motto this year for my kids! Their mountain is waiting!

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