Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, apparently I am not very bright because I can't figure out how to put a slideshow on this blog. So, I am just adding some random picture here so y'all can see what we have been up to lately! :)
Matt and I really wanted a nice little area in front of the house. We have been talking about building some sort of deck or patio since last summer and we finally started!
We had to dig down in order to put paver base in. Unfortunately, we dug too deep and had to spend an entire morning filling in the whole that we dug.
Matt smoothing out paver base! He is so cute!
Matt put the paver down and Dad moved it if it needed to be moved. Mostly, Matt put them down right where they were supposed to be!
This is how far we have finished! We still have three more rows on the right side to complete but it has been raining all week and is supposed to rain through the weekend. So we shall see. Once it is done, we are going to put boxwoods in front of the patio and rock in the back. Then we'll put some nice patio chairs and maybe a table down. I can't wait!
Matt and Dad relaxing while I cleaned up. Slackers!
Matt and his dad building the fire in Iowa!
The backyard at Matt's parents' house!
The snacks and goodies at the wedding shower that Matt's Aunts threw for us!
All of our cool presents!
Me opening presents!
My ring up close and personal!
So pretty!

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