Friday, April 24, 2009


I would like for the decorations to be very simple and elegant. We are getting tablecloths from the civic center and I think they will be an off white/cream color. My hope was to get some sort of sheer, purple, square cloth to lay in the middle of the table. I was thinking that it would stretch from one side to the next. Can you visualize what I am talking about yet? Anyway, then I wanted something very simple for the centerpiece. Matt and I walked around Hobby Lobby a few days ago and I snapped some pictures of things that I liked but they were way too expensive. In my mind, I want just one or two things in the center of the tables as decoration. Most people say to go with flowers, but they are so expensive. We could always do a candle but it would have to be a big candle and then those get super expensive too. I like the thought of some big glass container and then float purple and orange things in it. (ha ha ha) Matt and I both like getting some sort of vase and putting purple rocks in the bottom and then buying bright orange gold fish to decorate...but I don't know about that either.
Also, I am still not sure how to work the food. If we have a buffet line, people have to stand in it. If we serve it family style, I need people to serve it and we have unattractive metal pans on the tables.
So, I am sending out my brainstorming, help me, I need ideas signal in hopes that y'all have some fancy ideas that could help!
Here is one picture of the vase thingy that I like.


  1. ikea has pretty inexpensive glass containers and i think garden ridge occasionally does, too. also you might check ross periodically or even the dollar tree.

  2. We have been to several weddings where the food was served buffet style~didn't think a anything of it~all were beautiful receptions. I vote buffet!