Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Food (Part 4)

Matt and I are still considering the Chinese menu. We are fearful that we wont have enough so there is a possibility that we will buy a pan of one of the menu items and test out how many plates we can make. We both really like the idea of having Chinese food at the reception. I have even looked into personalized fortune cookies. :)

I think we have decided against having cakes on each table. Dennise is planning on making a pretty big wedding cake so we wont need the individual cakes at each table. I have been looking at some table decorations but we don't want to spend much money on silly we shall see. Here are some pretty purple decorations that I have found on line.

We do know that we will be having the rehearsal dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Ninos. It is within blocks of the civic center and they have a cute little private room with a stage for us to use.

We are so excited! Less than 6 months to go!

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