Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TAKS and The Backyard

Matt and I had a lovely weekend. Last week was the Science and History TAKS test for the 8th graders so by the time I got home on Friday, I was exhausted! Matt, of course, had to work on Saturday so I got to sleep in! (We are both really tired of him working 6 days out of the week...so he may be looking to switch positions.) I relaxed all day on Saturday and watched TV. By the time Matt got home, I finally showered and he took me out on a date! We pretended to be celebrating our 9 month anniversary but really we were just happy to be out since it had been a while since we had gone out as a couple. We ate at P.F. Chang's and it was wonderful!
We slept in until almost 10 on Sunday. We fiddled around the house and then went to pick up Kimberly and Tanner from the airport. We made it home by 3ish and were able to work in the yard a bit. I have still been working in the garden and it is really growing. So far, my corn is almost a foot high, my broccoli and spinach are growing super fast, my onions are getting really thick and I have already had a strawberry ripen. The peppers are not doing anything fabulous but I have heard that once it gets super hot, they will go wild! We shall see! Here are some pictures.
You can see the corn really start to grow on the left. The broccoli is right in the middle and the spinach is to the right of the broccoli!
My onions are out of control!
While we were out playing the garden, Matt decided to finish digging the holes for the deck. We were really hoping to get the frame finished before he took off to Iowa but it will have to wait. Our little 3 x 3 patio has really posed a problem for building the deck right up to the back door, so I thought it would be best to just dig it up! It actually worked!
Matt chipped the brick out from under the door. We used the pizza box to shield the glass door...just in case. He shoved a shovel under the concrete slab and felt pretty confident that he could move it. After slightly moving it from under the door, he was able to pick it up and lean it against me. It was really heavy! We rolled it to the other side of the yard.

Now I have a nice big stepping stone to use while I water. :)

This is our new patio for now. It is actually working out quite well! :)
I am slightly lost this week. TAKS is over and I am helping the math department tutor those students who didn't pass the math TAKS the first time....so I am out of my room three out of the five days. It is a nice change by my kids are going wild!
Matt is leaving for Iowa on Thursday night. His brother, Andy, is graduating from college on Saturday. I really wanted to go up too but taking the time off work and the cost of the ticket is keeping me home. Matt and I plan to go up to visit at the beginning of July. We are also hoping to visit my family in Illinois as well as stop at exciting places like the worlds largest frying pan as we make our way home from Iowa. I am really looking forward to it!
We are celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday with my family...of course, Matt will be with his family. Isaiah is turning four next Tuesday and I will be celebrating my birthday next Thursday! After this week...only a few more weeks of school and it will be summer vacation! (Matt, don't you wish you were a teacher? Only 5 days a week and summers off? ...join the dark side!)
Y'all have a great week!

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