Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Venue

After searching venues, comparing prices and making lists of what is most important to have at our wedding and reception, Matt and I have found a place to get hitched! We will be married on August 1, 2009 at the Waxahachie Civic Center! The Crape Myrtle room is beautiful. It has 26, floor to ceiling windows that face west. We will have risers for the ceremony and a dance floor for the reception.

This address will allow you to look at the Crape Myrtle room in 360 degrees!


Click on the picture to view a larger image!


  1. Hey Dianna! It's Lisa Thomas (the purse aunt!HA) Congratulations on your engagement...we're so excited!! Thanks for the Christmas card too. This is a really neat blog...you are so organized! We're marking it on our calendar so we'll be there.

  2. Hey Matt and Dianna, Its Dad (Kleeman) Just took a look at what you added to the blog. Looks like a great site to have the Wedding and reception at. It will be great to have a Hotel next door. I took a look at the Hamptons web site, it looks like they have a room that could work for the rehersal dinner. let me know what you find out on catering prices. Love, Dad

  3. Hey guys!! I'm SO glad the Civic Center worked out for the wedding. I thought it was so beautiful! We can't wait to come back down in July/August for the big day! Let me know if there's anything I can do! Hopefully Matt mentioned that we would love to have you visit up North over your Spring break. I (and "The Aunts") would love nothing more than to plan a killer wedding shower!!!
    Love, Jennifer

  4. The Civic Center is lovely and the room y'all have chosen for your wedding and reception is wonderful. We're going to have a great time watching y'all take this momentous step! ~ Mom