Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Reception (Part One)

Matt and I agree that we want the actually wedding ceremony to take a very short amount of time. There is NO reason that all of our friends and family need to sit and watch us stare at each other while some random song plays. It should go something like this - Do you? Yup. Do you? Yup - Let's Party! It isn't about the wedding, it is about the marriage and I'm getting a pretty good deal...ya know...marrying the man of my dreams!
Since we already have our venue, now we can start planning the fun stuff! We would like to have food, alcohol and music at the reception. We have decided on a cash bar so everyone can drink as much or as little as they would like and the booze wont run out! We are currently on the hunt for a dj. I have a few leads but most of the people I have found are between $500-$2000! (I think that I may be in the wrong business!) We have also asked Matt's cousin, Dane, to sing "I'm Yours" for our first dance.
Matt and I will have a wedding cake to ourselves and then each table will have a wedding cake as the center piece. This will take care of decorating the tables since the cake will serve as the decoration. I have the best sister in the entire world who is also an excellent cook and baker and she has offered her services to us for free! She is volunteering to make all of the cakes for the reception. (She is going to be a very busy girl!)
Now for the food... There are many options from which to choose! We have decided that cooking ourselves or at least preparing the food for the reception is going to be much cheaper than using a caterer. We can either do a buffet style, sit down meal OR we can do hors d'erves. The problem with the buffet style dinner is that everything has to be prepared and then kept warm. We will need someone to man the table and make sure new/hot food comes out when things get low. The problem with hors d'erves is that I have no idea what to have!
The possible buffet choices are: Brisket with potato salad, baked beans and bread.
Enchiladas with rice and beans.
Taco bar with rice and beans.
Make your own sandwich (lunch meat thingy)
(I am voting for the enchiladas with rice and beans right now!)
The possible hors d'erves are: Various breads with various dips such as spinach dip, cheese dip etc.
Cheese balls with crackers.
Finger sandwiches
Fruit tray
Vegetable tray.
Y'all feel free to give me your opinions, comments and suggestions!

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  1. I'd suggest contacting Mr. Opolka (Kimbo's dad). He does this for a living and could really help you guys with the food dilemma.

    Just a thought...